Formula 1 WebTip

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    Here you can show other community members whos really owns the Formula 1.

    For every race you can place a tipp and collect points. If you are away for a long time, you can now enter your tipps for as many races as you want and change it whenever you want. To see the current ranking just visit the statistics page. If you want to know what the other tippers tipped, just click on their usernames on the overview page ( Tipps are only shown if the deadline was reached )
  • Points
    You can place your tipp for the first 10 drivers, such as the fastest lap, the count of tired drivers and the count of safety car deployments.

    - For mention a Top 10 driver you can get 1 Point.
    - For placing the exact drivers result you can get 1 Point.
    - If you got the fastest driver, you can get 2 Points.
    - For the right tired count you can get 2 Points.
    - For the right count of safety car deployments you can get 2 Points.

    In total you can get 26 Points.
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